Me interview Brussels Correspondent Ina Strazdina about how EU media can better inform society.
Me interviewing Brussels Correspondent Ina Strazdina about how the media can improve reportage of EU issues.

Published works

Some of my work as a journalist working with print, audio, video and multimedia. Careful now, some of these links might not exist anymore… Previously I worked for now defunct Metro Herald in Dublin, Ireland.

The No Hate Speech Movement: A campaign for you‘ 31 January 2014

Dublin Gazette 
A day in the life of a Dublin taxi driver‘ 30 January 2014
Locals worry about shop’s appearance‘ 23 January 2014

The Irish Times
Leaving France behind‘ 7 January 2014

Orange Magazine
Generation Entrepreneur?‘ 23 October 2013 (featured on euronews 25 October 2013)
European elections: What makes this year’s elections different?‘ 24 February 2014
Youth Opportunities in EU Institutions‘ 29 October 2013
Are you a serial entrepreneur?‘ 25 October 2013
For Anyone Too Reluctant to “Hit Apply”‘ 8 October 2013
My Experience of Travelling Alone‘ 7 October 2013
World Refugee Day‘ 20 June 2013
European Action Day against homophobia and transphobia‘ 17 May 2013
First Time Activist at the European Youth Centre Budapest‘ 13 May 2013
No Hate Speech Movement’ 20 March 2013

Is intolerance prevalent in Ireland?‘ 14 June 2013
New Writing Week at New Theatre Continues‘ 10 November 2011
The Faster I Walk, The Smaller I Am‘ 7 November 2011
Man Booker Prize 2011‘ 24 October 2011

Rosie Hackett Bridge: The Opening‘ 21 May 2014
Fat: It’s Delicious – at the Science Gallery in Dublin‘ 21 May 2014
Invasion Dublin – Star Wars at the RDS‘ 5 May 2014
Young People Working for the European Union‘ 25 October 2013
Strasbourg: In Bits‘ 16 September 2013
What do Latvians know about the European Union?‘ 24 August 2013

Recent Media
AudioYouth Opportunities with Verena Jirgal‘ 25 October 2013
EU Scepticsm V Optimism: A Multimedia Project‘ 24 August 2013
AudioHow Internet can serve the public interest: EuroDIG‘ 21 June 2013

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