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So, my name is Aileen. I’m a 28-year-old Dubliner. I’m an English Language Teacher and I teach in a wonderful little school in the city centre. My students are mostly from South America, Mexico and South Korea. I consider myself work-orientated, so it surprises me that I rarely write about my work here.

15696470_10154320041843237_72909591_oWhat makes me ‘me’: I spent fourteen years studying Irish or ‘Gaelic’ in all-Irish speaking primary and secondary schools. I wish I had continued my Irish studies through university but I didn’t – I studied English, Philosophy and the Classics instead. This year I decided to get back to the Gaeilge by enrolling in conversation classes and by buying Irish grammar books.

Another thing about me: I practise mindfulness (being aware of the present – it’s harder than it sounds!) I became interested in mindfulness and its benefits in 2014 when I was working as a journalist for Dublin’s commuter newspaper, Metro Herald. It was a great opportunity and for six months I was doing what I had thought was my calling in life but then I realised I was just so so stressed. It was mindfulness – focusing on the present instead of wallowing about the past and fretting over the future – that helped me refocus.

When I applied for a CELTA course with International House I really didn’t anticipate just how much it would change my life. For the better. I haven’t looked back since!



4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Aileen–thanks for your very nice note about my Tim Samaras story. I’m on the Congo River now for Nat Geo and will be off the grid in a few hours for the next couple of weeks, and in the meantime I’m writing you here rather than on Twitter b/c for various reasons I want to stay out of the fray while mentally prepping myself for this voyage. In any event, just wanted to express my appreciation. best, robert draper


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