Tonight’s compelling Fair City episode

I used to love Fair City.

I feel so much contempt for this Katy storyline. For anyone who doesn’t know much about the show, Katy is a young woman who disappeared early last year only to reemerge in a dark, depressing room last September.


Locked in the room, the audience has seen her slowly piece things together: the scary man holding her captive is family friend Ciarán. Unhinged, he’s been keeping her locked up in a hidden room in his garage as revenge against her brother Emmet for something that he did to Ciarán’s sister years beforehand.

Over the last year, the show’s actors and writers have been teasing the audience about when they can expect Katy to be reunited with her family – her sad, suicidal parents Eoghan and Debbie, brother Emmet and her forlorn grandmother Rose.

Even writing this, I’m annoyed. This frustration has been growing in me for months now. It feels as if the people behind the show are laughing at people like me, fans of the show. I don’t watch Fair City to see a family repeatedly put under strain, being put under such mental anguish and torture because of the loss of someone they love.

Advertisements like the one for tonight’s episode, I know, function as teasers – the point is to tease, to mess with, the audience. To make them think something will happen. The makers of Fair City have clearly done their jobs here as, judging from Twitter tonight, everyone was watching the show tonight in the hope that Katy would be freed and Ciarán arrested.

I’m so disappointed by tonight’s episode – it seems like we’re going to get a fresh bout of physical and mental torture, in the form of Ciarán terrorising Emmet.

I signed up for a soap opera, not a thriller/horror show. There’s nothing uplifting about Fair City anymore. It’s grim and heavy.

The acting is great – full marks to Amilia Clarke Stuart aka Katy; Dáithí Mac Suibhne as Emmet; Alan Howley as Eoghan; Niamh Daly as Debbie; Geraldine Plunkett as Rose and of course, Johnny Ward as Ciarán. All are brilliantly portraying the excellent characters written for them – I just wish it wasn’t a storyline in Fair City.

I can’t justify sitting down for each episode to watch this inhumane treatment unfold time after time. It’s so fucking awful.

I was so disappointed when Heather, after finding out about Ciarán, suffered a brain injury. So let down tonight when Katy got to call her gran Rose and nobody believes it because there’s a new storyline: senility.

I’ll continue to watch, because I want to see how Katy escapes and survives.

I love Fair City. I don’t love it ironically. I’m not one of these cynics who love to hate Fair City, who despise it for the sake of despising homegrown effort.

But since Christmas, I feel like it’s the writers, the makers of this show, who are cynical by treating their audience to physical and mental torture in each episode. How can they justify it? Ratings? That’s cynical too.


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