English Teaching

DELTA Diary: I’ve arrived in London!

So, I’m here now. In London.In freakin’ LONDON! I still can’t believe it.

Tomorrow I start my DELTA journey. For anyone not in with the TEFL world, DELTA is short for ‘Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages’. It’s an eight-week intensive course, with observed teaching practice, syllabus design and lots and lots of theory to critically evaluate.

I’m excited and nervous about starting the course, but those feelings can wait until tomorrow. Today is about London.

I woke up in Nina’s flat (she’s my best friend) and immediately felt grateful to have someone based in the city. When I moved to Strasbourg (2013) and Brussels (2015) I felt completely alone, but here Neens has helped me settle in.

After copious cups of tea we went to the Tube and headed for Islington, where my temporary abode was waiting for me.

I was anxious about the Tube, but I managed to avoid thinking about it until we got to the station. Then, on the train, I just did some deep breathing exercises and occupied my mind with chatter and stories to Nina…

I was quite conscious that I was catastrophising the Tube so I zapped away any unhelpful thoughts as they came to me.

On that note, recently I’ve been managing extremely well with my anxiety. I’m expecting some shaky moments here, but I’ve been working on anticipatory anxiety – the nervy, self-conscious and worried feelings that strike before anxiety hits hard.

Tackling anxiety before it drops has definitely calmed my nerves. Read SOAR: The Breakthrough Treatment for Fear of Flying by Captain Tom Bunn. I’ve found the 5-4-3-2-1 Exercise very very helpful!

Back to London…

16995943_10154520148143237_2475246536532872794_nHere’s a photograph of my surroundings: it’s dark, dull and rainy today.

Of course I don’t mind – anyone who knows me knows that I usually find ‘bad’ weather a welcome addition to my day.

More rain, please!

I’m staying in a single studio flat in student accommodation thirty minutes walk from my school – I’m so thankful that I can get a walk in before class AND avoid the daily commute!

My studio has everything I need; a bed, a table, en suite, a kitchenette and places to hang stuff up. What I’m thrilled about the most though is the TV (wasn’t expecting this!) and free WiFi thank God!

Anyway, that’s it. Even though I’ve been to the shops twice already – keep forgetting essentials! – and the first night alone is always a little lonely, I’m doing pretty good this evening.  Onwards and upwards!


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